How do UK car costs compare with the rest of the world?

With fuel costs and protection charges rising, running expenses are not, at this point only a bother when purchasing another vehicle. Economy, protection gatherings and leftover qualities presently matter to certain purchasers as much as execution, taking care of and lodge space.

What’s more, there is valid justification for this. Another Volkswagen Golf 1.4 in the UK costs around £19,000, while normal protection costs drift at about £715. Include a yearly fuel bill of £1,154, and anybody on a careful spending plan will feel the squeeze. In any case, do we have it that awful? Auto Express collaborated with money master CarFinance247 to research the expense of motoring all around, and perceive the amount UK drivers pay in correlation.

• Cheapest vehicles to protect

While the numbers make it look as though we are forking out more than in most different nations, it’s important pay rates in different pieces of the world aren’t as high. It implies frequently we may really pay proportionately less for new vehicles, fuel or protection.

Joined Kingdom

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): £19,000Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded £1.09; diesel £1.10Average cost of protection: £715GDP per capita: $41,324 (£31,261)


Volkswagen Passat – front panning

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 20,675 Euros (£17,662)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 1.28 Euros (£1.09); diesel 1.02 Euros (£0.98)Average cost of protection: 1,400 Euros (£1,197)GDP per capita: $47,268 (£35,757)

Access to unlimited stretches of motorway may halfway clarify why protection premiums in Germany are so high. The five top rated vehicles in the nation all originate from local creators like Volkswagen and Mercedes, with the Golf beating out all competitors – it represents almost three fold the number of deals as the Passat, in runner up. In the mean time, the yearly fuel bill for German drivers is assessed at £1,097.


Lada XRay Cross

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 1,246,488 Roubles (£14,743)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 37.15 Roubles (£0.44); diesel 35.56 Roubles (£0.42)Average cost of protection: 3,432-4,188 Roubles (£40-£50)GDP per capita: $24,451 (£18,496)

With the measure of over the top scramble cam recordings rising up out of Russia, a normal protection cost of £40 appears to be somewhat low. In any case, as the least expensive vehicle from large selling Lada begins at 300,000 Roubles (£3,546), the low premiums start to bode well. Protection was discretionary in the nation until 2003. Russia is additionally known for its immense access to flammable gas; numerous drivers have changed over their vehicles to LPG to spare. Not that fuel costs were high at any rate.


Passage F-150 – front following dark

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): $20,175 (£15,271)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded: $0.43 (£0.33); diesel $0.49 (£0.38)Average cost of protection: $907 (£695)GDP per capita: $55,836 (£42,266)

Vehicles cost on normal less in the US than they do here, regardless of their size. While the UK’s smash hit is the small Ford Fiesta, the most famous models in the US are enormous pick-ups and overwhelming SUVs like the Ford F-Series and the Chevrolet Silverado. Normal recycled costs for a 2010 F-Series are what could be compared to £14,800, while fuel and protection are less expensive, as well.


Portage Explorer

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 227,376 Bolivar (£17,476)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 5.99 Bolivar (£0.46); diesel 5.99 Bolivar (£0.46)Average cost of protection: 2,550 Bolivar (£196)GDP per capita: $14,414 (£10,911)

Considerably after new president Nicolas Maduro climbed them by 6,000 percent, fuel costs in Venezuela are still among the least expensive on the planet. The South American nation sits on head of the planet’s biggest oil saves, and modest fuel has been a lifestyle there for quite a long time. At the point when the administration attempted to build fuel costs before, in 1989, the open broke into savage mobs in fight.


Portage Ka bring forth 2011

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 95,670 Real (£22,341)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 3.68 Real (£0.89); diesel 3.10 Real (£0.75)Average cost of protection: 3,824 Real (£929)GDP per capita: $15,359 (£11,618)

Brazil is celebrated for running a large number of its vehicles on sugarcane-ethanol, yet its normal fuel bill is still £735. Drivers don’t need to purchase vehicle protection, however inquisitively, the individuals who decide on it pay more than those in South Africa and the UK. Most Brazilians live in huge urban areas where little vehicles like the Hyundai HB20 and the Ford Ka are hits.

South Africa

Volkswagen Polo – front

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 306,000 Rand (£16,491)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 12.37 Rand (£0.71); diesel 10.05 Rand (£0.58)Average cost of protection: 4,576 Rand (£263)GDP per capita: $13,165 (£9,961)

The first-run through finish rate for driving assessments in South Africa is only 39 percent, however the nation has no lawful prerequisite to purchase vehicle protection. As the streets are loaded up with guaranteed and uninsured drivers, it’s astonishing that drivers there still compensation only a portion for spread contrasted and UK drivers. Proprietors there are said to go through around £577 per year on fuel, with the Volkswagen Polo the nation’s hit a year ago.

Joined Arab Emirates

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 80,594 AED (£16,571)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 1.58 AED (£0.33); diesel 1.61 AED (£0.34) Average expense of protection: 1,980 AED (£412)GDP per capita: $70,237 (£53,082)

With a lot of oil in its holds, the UAE is heaven for drivers hoping to run their vehicles inexpensively. Fuel costs are evaluated at just £372 – convenient, as the UAE’s top-selling vehicles are parched 4x4s, including any semblance of the Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser, just as the Nissan Patrol. Protection is practically 50% of what UK drivers pay, as well.


Goodbye Nano

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf or identical): 755,000 Rupees (£8,644)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded 62.63 Rupees (£0.73); diesel 47.95 Rupees (£0.55)Average cost of protection: 19,215 Rupees (£220)GDP per capita: $6,088 (£4,605)

While another incubate can be yours for £8,644 in India, most drivers among the 1.3 billion populace want to purchase littler vehicles made for their market. Goodbye, the Indian goliath that claims Jaguar Land Rover, sells its new Nano from 199,000 Rupees, or £2,175. Be that as it may, vehicle possession despite everything hasn’t arrived at its maximum capacity in India. In 2015, the nation’s top rated vehicle was the Maruti Suzuki Alto, however just 249,507 discovered homes; Ford sold 133,434 Fiestas here a year ago in spite of the populace distinction.


Honda N-Box

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): 2,620,000 ¥ (£19,793)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded: 131.20 ¥ (£0.99); diesel 110.50 ¥ (£0.83)Average cost of protection: 27,840 ¥ (£210)GDP per capita: $37.321 (£28,233)

Japan has one of the world’s hardest driving tests, which means a populace of cautious and circumspect drivers. This could clarify why protection costs there are approximately a fourth of what UK drivers pay. Japan is likewise a major aficionado of little ‘kei’ vehicles like the Honda N-Box, which is the market’s second hit. Such little vehicles mean more grounded efficiency, and Japanese drivers are said to go through £871 every year on fuel.


Mazda 3 Sport Black – front following 2

Normal expense of new vehicle (Volkswagen Golf 1.4): AUS $25,000 (£14,787)Fuel cost per liter: Unleaded: AUS $1.20 (£0.71); diesel AUS $1.21 (£0.72)Average cost of protection: AUS $1,142 (£675)GDP per capita: $45,514 (£34,430)

Despite the fact that Australia is more than multiple times the size of the UK, it has just half the same number of vehicles. The normal yearly fuel charge interferes with drivers £656 and protection premiums are likewise less expensive than they are in the UK. While other huge nations like the US grasp large pick-ups and SUVs to go with the tremendous open spaces, the smash hit vehicle in Australia is the Toyota Corolla, with the Mazda 3 solidly in runner up. All things considered, a second-hand 2010 Toyota Corolla will cost just £7,000.

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